At all times and even today, the mention of the term “Jews” or “Israel” arouses great emotions. Some feel hatred, aversion, contempt, up to the desire for the annihilation of the nation. The others, however, identify with the people of the Bible and feel an inner bond.
God thus demonstrates His work to individuals as well as in nations, to the different faith communities, to His people in Babylon, to the Israelites and to His christian congregation.
This presentation deals with the last two, their relationship to each other and the plan that God has with them.

A film by Waldemar Laufersweiler

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Titel: Royal Hymn
Künstler: Patrick Hawes
Album: Imperial Crown 3391
Verlag: Audio Network Limited

Titel: Vera Brittain
Künstler: Jessica Dannheisser
Album: Orchestral Portraits 3351
Verlag: Audio Network Limited

Titel: Gaia
Künstler: Igor Dvorkin (PRS) | Tim Garland (PRS)
Album: Titans Of War 2275
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Titel: Grateful Nation
Künstler: Patrick Hawes
Album: WW1 Documentary 2072
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