Use your full imagination, and although it might sound like a fairy tale, it is real. It is a fantastic glimpse into the near future. People do supernatural things. Unbelievable events happen. Heaven maintains direct contact with people through dreams and visions. No, this is not about sensation, not about emotion and it has nothing to do with science fiction. It is about the inhabitants of our earth. More specifically, it is about believers in the most diverse faith communities. It is about shaking up these people once again and drawing them to Him in all matters. To God. Yes, you heard that right. Those who were prevented from hearing the truth are ready to accept it. All fear of men disappears, and the unbelievable happens: they decide to follow what they have recognised as truth. This tremendous event is called the “latter rain.” It is the working of the Holy Spirit in all its fullness.

Original German version:​ (Die hohe Berufung)


Images and video footage: Henry Stober | | Adobe Stock | Wikipedia


Music in this video:

Titel: Quiet Grandeur
Künstler: Paul Mottram
Album: Affairs Of State 3255
Verlag: Audio Network Limited

Titel: Journey Beyond
Künstler: Alex Kovacs
Album: Life Gives Way 3341
Verlag: Audio Network Limited

Titel: An Ode To History
Künstler: Jody Jenkins (PRS)
Album: Edge Of Silence 3253
Verlag: Audio Network Limited



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